Join us for lunch on October 13th at NBAA in Las Vegas to hear from a distinguished panel of experts who will discuss the latest technological advancement for connectivity in aviation – 5G. 

Learn what it takes for a team to build, operate and support a vast ground network – including some of the more extreme challenges weather and wildlife present that have to be overcome to keep the network performing at optimal levels.

They'll help you cut through the noise in the market to better understand 5G for business aviation and what it will mean for anyone traveling on a private aircraft.

Panelists include:

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Gain a deeper understanding about:

  • Benefits 5G will bring to business aviation operators
  • Gogo’s progress on 5G – network construction milestones, data center and system development
  • What it takes to build, operate and maintain an ATG network

AIN Editor-in-Chief, Matt Thurber, will moderate this event. 


YETI Gift Basket to be raffled off - must be present to win!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
NBAA Convention
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
12:00 - 1:30 pm

(Lunch will be served)

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