CALS Whitepapers

During our Corporate Aviation Leadership Summits, attendees sit in on multiple roundtable discussions.  Each roundtable is moderated by a subject matter expert.  Here are a summary of each of those discussions. 

CALS West 2024 - Scottsdale, AZ

Solving the Compensation Conundrum
Compensation and Retention, moderated by Linda Herzog, founder of Herzog Leadership Consulting.

Dealing with Business Aviation’s Other Sustainability Challenge
Hiring and DEI, moderated by Jay Boykin, VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Gogo Business Aviation

Solving Real Training Problems in a Simulated World
Training Roundtable, moderated by Roger Woolsey, CEO of Million Air

Building a Multigenerational Team Requires Multidimensional Thinking
Generational Differences, moderated by Hanneke Weitering, Science and Technology Editor, AIN Media Group

Johnny Law’s Long Reach into Bizjet Operations
Legal Roundtable, moderated by Nathan R. Pietila, Shareholder, Aero Law Group PC

It’s Easier To Retain Your Employees than Replace Them
Retention, moderated by Jennifer English, Editorial Director, Business Jet Traveler magazine

There’s More to Maintenance than Fixing the Airplane
Maintenance, Moderated by Matt Thurber, Editor-in-Chief, AIN Media Group

CALS 2023 - Park City, UT
A CALS examination of the business aviation industry’s pressing issues moderated by Jack Gilchrist, founding shareholder, director, Gilchrist Aviation Law, LLC
A CALS examination of hiring and managing business aviation employees, moderated by Kerry Lynch, AIN Media Group.
A CALS examination of business aviation maintenance, moderated by Matt Thurber, Editor-in-Chief, AIN Media Group.
A CALS examination of pilot health, moderated by Sarah Kalmeta, Founder, Pivot Point International.

Clearing the Air about Sustainability
A Corporate Aviation Leadership Summit (CALS) moderated by Nancy Bsales, COO of Sustainability 4AIR.

A CALS discussion moderated by Chad Trautvetter, News Editor, AIN Alerts and AIN Media Group.

A discussion moderated by Christopher M. Broyhill, Ph.D., CAM.